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Alkyd Mixed Paint-WaiXing Paint



    TianJin Waixing Chemical Coating Co., Ltd is dedicated to paint. Our company specializes in alkyd mixed paint. The variety of the alkyd mixed paint includes: alkyd enamel of various colours, alkyd hull paint, alkyd antistatic paint, double acid paint. Our company provides the instruction of all alkyd mixed paints. The quality of the alkyd mixed paint has reached the standard.

   Composition: Alkyd resin, pigment, drier, organic solvent

   Purpose: The paint is used to decorate or protect the metal or woodwork.

   Characteristic: The paint enjoys excellent luster and adhesion. The film is full and can air dry. It is easy to spray.

   Projects Standards:



colours and projects of the film

standard, within the scale of colour difference, smooth



drying time h

drying time surface



hard drying time


fineness um


luster 60℃%



   Construction Reference: Brush painting is prefered. The paint can also be sprayed. If the viscosity is too high add some 200#solvent oil or x-6 diluent. Then stir it. Filter the paint leather. The shelf life is one year. Our company provides alkyd mixe paint of various colours.



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