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anticorrosion paint project



    Welcome to buy our company’s epoxy zinc-rich anticorrosion paint. Our company’s epoxy zinc-rich anticorrosion paint has pass the certification of Quality Credit Monitor Management Association. All the epoxy zinc-rich anticorrosion paints have reached the standard. Our main products contain: civil paint, industrial paint, anticorrosion paint, wood furniture paint and construction decoration paint.

    Anticorrosion paint:

    The kind of the anticorrosion paint in the following chart:

    ①◆-main type; Ο-subordinate type

    ②It’s mainly applied to the primer and intermediate coat. It’s not applied to the topcoat.

    ③refer to the curing epoxy coating in normal temperature

    ④The main type anticorrosion paint contains epoxy, polyurethane, fluorocarbon paint.

    ⑤glass flake anticorrosion paints contain many types of resin.

    Next we will introduce the epoxy zinc-rich anticorrosion paint and the project plan.

    Composition: component one: epoxy resin, organic solvent, additive, zinc powder component two: curing agent

    Characteristic: The paint enjoys excellent anticorrosion performance, mechanical property, adhesion and conduction. It can protect cathode. The paint is used as precoating primer in the workshop. It wouldn’t affect welding performance. It is also can be used as anti-rust paint.

    Use: The paint is applied to the bridge, ship, offshore drilling platforms, oil tank, above-ground and underground transferring pipeline, port machinery, harbour equipment and the substrate after sandblasting treatment. It can protect steel, nonferrous metal and concrete.

    Next we will introduce the construction parameter of the anticorrosion paint in the power plant and the using scale of the anticorrosion paint.

    Matching plan of anticorrosion paint of the steel structure in the power plant

    Construction technology: 1 floor treatment: remove the dirt and grease on the surface of th concrete. Use the cement-based polymer crack sealing agent to repair the cracks on the floor. If the floor is too rough, use to paint a layer of fine cement slurry.2 buffing the floor: use refining plate water to wear the floor. After wearing clean the floor with water.
curing agent: After the floor is dry and there is apparently on water on the floor use the curing agent. Spray the curing agent uniformly on the floor. Use the rubber mop make the curing agent uniform. After 6 hours of working people can walk on the floor. There should be no water no the floor. 4.protective agent: after 24 hours of spraying curing agent use the protective agent. After cleaning the floor spray the protective agent uniformly on the floor.At the same time use the 100% polyester mop to make the protective agent uniform. 3 Within 3days there should be no water on the floor.After 24hours people can walk on the floor. After 14 days the firm top forms.

    Transportation and Storage:

    When in the transportation keep the paint away from the rain, sunshine and collision.

    Keep the paint in the cool places and avoid explosure to the sun. Leave the paint away from fire and heat.

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