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Antistatic Paint-WaiXing Paint


The antistatic paint of our company has passed the certification of Quality Credit Monitoring Association. All kinds of antistatic paint has the quality certification and reach the standard. The main products include: construction coating, anticorrosion coating, heavy duty anticorrosion coating, floor coating, industrial coating, civil use coating and synthetic resin.
The composition one is made of special resin, filler, additive, conductive powder and wear-resistance additive. The composition two is made of curing agent. The paint enjoys excellent adhesion and oil-resistance. It is applied to the electronics, electrical appliance, aviation and petrochemistry. It can avoid or reduce the accumulation of static.
Thin film type(0.55mm thick):

name of the paint


used amount/㎡


epoxy sealing primer


0.17 kg/㎡


lay the conductive copper foil




epoxy conductive intermediate coat paint


0.5 kg/㎡


antistatic floor topcoat


0.4 kg/㎡



1/5of the amount of the paint


The paint enjoys excellent permeability and adhesion. The thickness of the film is high. The film is full.
Construction Reference:
1. Environment and Substrate Treatment: The temperature is above 5℃. The relative humidity is less than 75%. The new cement floor can be painted after being dried for 28 days. Remove the dirt and repair the old and loose place. Wear the surface with electric buffing machine. Remove the dust. Ensure that no dust, no water, no grease.
2. Paint the sealing primer: Mix the two compents of the sealing primer according to the proportion and stir it. After laying the paint for 10 minutes roller coat the paint.(Use it up within 6 hours or it will become blue). After 12 hours paint next layer.
3. Lay the conductive copper foil: Lay the conductive copper foil(2m*6m grid)connecting with earthing terminal.
4. Brush the conductive intermediate coat: Mix the intermediate coat paint according to the proportion and leave it alone for 10 minutes and scrape it with trowel. Wear the surface after 24h of drying. Then the next work can be done.
5. Paint the antistatic topcoat: Mix the two components of topcoat according to the proportion and leave it alone for 10 minutes. Roller coat it with special rolling brush. After 24h paint second layer of topcoat with special rolling brush. After 48h staffs are allowed in. Use it after 7 days of maintenance.
Construction Technology:
1. Floor Treatment: Wear, repair, degrease the floor and remove the dust according to the condition.
2. Antistatic Primer: Brush a layer of antistatic paint with high permeability and adhesion to enhance the adhesion.
3. Lay the Copper Foil: Lay a layer of conductive copper foil.
4. Antistatic Mortar: Add antistatic component to the quartz sand. Paint several layers with trowel.
5. Antistatic putty: Add some putty to antistatic component. Paint several layers with trowel.
6. Antistatic topcoat: roller coat the antistatic topcoat or the antistatic self-leveling paint.
7. Time: Staffs are allowed in after 24 hours in the temperature of 25℃. The floor can be pressed heavily after 72 hours.
Package and Storage

Construction Condition

The temperature of painting: 10-30℃

Coating of Last Layer

amino drying primer, iron red epoxy ester primer



The film of the paint is full and enjoys excellent decoration performance, luster and colour retention, weather-resistance, flexibility and wear-resistance. It is applied to the high-grade car, civil used electric appliance and high-grade decoration.





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