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Epoxy Self-leveling Thin Film Floor Paint


This is the modified amine-curing solvent-free two-component epoxy floor paint. It enjoys excellent luster, fullness, water resistance, chemical resistance, impact resistance and wear resistance. It’s suitable for thick film construction.
Thin film: (thickness of 1mm)

name of the paint


used amount/㎡


epoxy sealing primer


0.14 kg/㎡


epoxy self-leveling floor topcoat


0.9 kg/㎡


Construction Reference:

1. Surface Treatment: The water content of the cement is below 8%. The strength is qualified. Remove the dirt and loose part. Wear the surface with buffing machine. The surface parameter is within 1mm. Remove the extra part with angle grinder or fill it with mortar. Fill all the cracks and concave hole. The surface must be firm, dry and no dust.

2. Roller Coat the sealing primer: After the preparation work roller coat the sealing primer. Brush the paint uniformly without any leaks. After 12 hours of drying do the next work.
3. Self-leveling topcoat(about 1mm thick): Check the mortar whether it is dry. If it is qualified paint the topcoat with a trowel one time. Mix the two components uniformly. Deaerate and brush after 5 minutes of aging. Use the paint up within 2 hours. Deaerate the surface with needle roller. Check the film with cleats on it. After it is qualified seal the site and avoid dust. Maintain the site for 72 hours. Then it can be used.




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