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Company Profile

  Tianjin Chenguang Chemcial Coating CO.,Ltd. is located in Qudian Industrial Area, Beichen Distriction, Tianjin City, China and covers an area of 25 acres

  Tianjin Chenguang Chemcial Coating CO.,Ltd. was founded in 1992, which is the professional high-end ‘R&D’manufacturer of ‘WaiXing’brand paint coating, with 8000 tons annual production capacity, 17 categories, and more than one thousand various colors.
  We have a group of experienced technical personnel, which provide us the abundant technical support. Through the successful cooperation with those well-known companies, our coating have been used in wide fields, such as senior architectural coatings, heavy industrial anti-corrosion coatings water-based coatings, construction projects and industrial anti-corrosion projects and so on.Act as an independent contractor, executing the interior and exterior wall and floor paint construction work and receiving the high-degree of consumers praise.

   Chenguang Chemical ‘WaiXing’brand paints are a new generation of environmental protection products. With a longer durability, we are implementing the most modern national standards in several areas: the technical formula, raw materials procurement, manufacturing processes and the technical services of the fabricating yard, and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in advanced (GB/T19901-2000 idt ISO9001:2000). We have been awarded "Quality Reliable Products", "Popular Domestic Products" and son on. Meanwhile, we have the "Safe Production License” and “Approval Certification of Dangerous Chemical Products Production and Management” issued by State Work Safety Supervision Bureau, and the water-based paint “Integrity Manual of Construction Materials "awarded by City Construction Office and trading cards.

     Our company insists on people-oriented, and we try our best to prove satisfactory to our customers, to ensure the eligibility of each project. We have a fast response and professional ability strong service team. With the customers-centric values rule, and in order to create greater value and competitive advantage for our customers, we adhere to the concept of "Strength and Friends", "Quality and Service".

   Our mainly Products:organic-silicone-heat-resistant-paint(200℃-400℃), water-based organic-silicone-self-drying-heat-resistant-paint (200℃-800℃) , anti-corrosion paint, anti-rust paint, epoxy paint, floor varnish, steel construction-using paint, bridge -using paint, floor-carbon painting, acrylic paint, acrylic polyurethane varnish, high temperature resistant silicone paint, perchlorethylene varnish, chlorosulfonation lacquer, high chloride paint, chlorinated rubber paint, epoxy coal tar varnish, rod-marking lacquer, fire proof paints, plastics using paint, reflective paint, fluorescent paint, luminous paint ,marine paint, alkyd paint, phenolic paint, natural resin paint and all kinds of other water-based paints

     We are guided by customer service-oriented, keep abreast of their demands, and satisfied them with the good products is our only goal. Chenguang would like to sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life, develop and create brilliant future all together.

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Office Telephone:86-022-86872099 26910927   Fax:86-022-26910931   24 Hours Service Hot Line:13821032998
Address:Qudian industrial area, Beichen District,Tianjin      Technology:TianjinShi Chenguang Chemical Coating CO,. Ltd.
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