anticorrosion paint
 Floor Paint
 Epoxy zinc-rich primer
 Alkyd Paint
 Alkyd Mixed Paint
 Steel bridge paint
 Antirust paint
 epoxy asphalt paint
 anticorrosion of the sewage reservoir
 Asphalt Paint
 heat-resistance paint
 Power Plant Steel Structure
 Aluminum Alloy
 Concrete Anticorrosion
 Galvanized Steel Paint
 Epoxy Thin Film Floor Paint
 Epoxy Paint
 Epoxy Self-leveling Thin Film Floor Paint
 Epoxy Self-leveling Thick Film Paint
 Antistatic Paint
 Epoxy Mortar Thick Paste Antistatic Floor Paint
 Polyurethane Thin Film Floor Paint
 Polyurethane Mortar Thick Film Floor Paint
 Polyurethane Paint
 Parking Lot Floor Construction
 Water-based Epoxy Floor Paint
 Organic Silicone Heat Resistance Paint

The Construction Plan of Tianjin Chenguang Chemical Coating Co., Ltd.


   Tianjin Chenguang Chemical Coating Construction Company which is affiliated to Tianjin Chenguang Chemical Coating Co., Ltd. It's a professional construction team. The company has assets of 50million Yuan.
   It's a well-known construction company and pay great attention to the quality of the product. Ensuring quality is Chenguang's basic standards of running the company.Quality means that our company provides the innovated products and service to the custumer. Improving the quality is our company's task.

   Tianjin Chenguang Chemical Coating Co., Ltd. has a professional construction team, Tianjin Chenguang Chemical Coating Construction Company. We can offer the service of pipeline project, anticorrosion-paint project, construction-anticorrosion project, floor-paint project, fluorocarbon-anticorrosion-paint project, epoxy-floor-paint project, fireproof project, sports court paint project, flexible court paint project, bridge corrosion project, ship anticorrosion project, subway station project, road line project, antistatic fireproof project, floor paint project, workshop sign project, swimming pool project, underground pipeline anticorrosion project, acid and alkali resistance project, high weather resistance floor paint project, chemical and solvent resistance paint resistance, high and low temperature resistance floor paint resistance, nano-bezene flexible antirust and fireproof project, tunnel project, railway project, chemical atmosphere floor project, waterproof floor project, compound fireproof and waterproof project, high-grade floor paint project, epoxy resin anticorrosion project, chemical atmosphere fireproof project, heat resistance project, ultra low temperature special paint construction, high weather resistance floor paint project, pipeline project anticorrosion porject, steel bridge anticorrosion project, antiskid floor paint, anticorrosion paint project. We contract for material and labour.

   The company enjoys China anticorrosion construction first order qualification certificate and a experienced, skillful construction team. With the advantage of techniques and production our company continuously use new techniques and products. Our extensive anticorrosion has developed into the exquisite anticorrosion decoration paint. The company can offer the customer the anticorrosion plan and matching system. The customer wouldn’t worry about the quality of the project. The process of the construction can be easily controlled, monitored and managed.

   High-quality coating originates from high-quality paint and reasonabe procedure. Our company can offer the proper product and outstanding paint procedure to meet the anticorrosion standards.

   We are in the leading edge of anticorrosion filed and pay great attention to the R&D of the new product and the promotion and the maintenance of the brand. We’re dedicated to the anticorrosion paint of chemical, petrochemical and machinery field, especially in the chemical( petrochemical) field. Key technique and experience are our advantage.

   In the twenty first century with challenges and oppertunities Tianjin Chenguang Chemical Coating Construction Company will regard the things of improving the way of people’s life and work, developing the society as the task. We will create the value, enhance the comprehensive strength and competitiveness to get greater achievement.

   Afterall we appreciate the cooperative partner and the colleague of our company for their support and diligence.

Office Telephone:022-86872099 26910927   Fax:022-26910931   24 Hours Service Hot Line:13821032998
Address:Qudian industrial area, Beichen District,Tianjin      Technology:Tianjin Chenguang Chemical Coating CO,. Ltd.
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