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Water-based Epoxy Floor Paint


Welcome to buy our company’s water-based epxoy floor paint. Our company’s water-based epxoy floor paint has pass the certification of Quality Credit Monitor Management Association. All the water-based epxoy floor paints have reached the standard. Our main products contain: civil paint, industrial paint, anticorrosion paint, wood furniture paint and construction decoration paint.
The paint is the emulsion based on the modified bisphenol a epoxy resin. The dispersion medium is water. No explosion, no burning, no pollution. It does little harm to human and it’s very stable. The paint enjoys excellent adhesion to various substrate, anticorrosion performance and dispersion of pigment and filler. It is applied to epoxy floor coating, water-based epoxy adhesive, water-based epoxy metal paint, decoration paint, water-based epoxy cement, cement sealing primer and anti-osmosis material. The paint is colourful. After curing the film is transparent and gentle. The viscosity is low. The colour is stable. It enjoys excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance.
Construction Reference:

1. Envrionment and Substrate Treatment: Treat the floor as clean as possible before work.( If it is possilbe clean the floor with water) In this way the adhesion to the substrate wouldn’t be affected.
2. Paint the Primer: Roller coating and brush painting are both available. The paint enjoys water and gas permeability. This will enhance the adhesion to the substrate.
3. Paint intermediate coat paint: Add water-based epoxy mortar mado of quartz sand and quartz powder in the mixed water-based epoxy coating. Paint it uniformly with trowel.
4. Supplyment: After last step grind the floor with sand paper. Paint several layers of putty made of water-based epoxy paint and quartz powder according to the practical needs.
5. Paint the Topcoat: Roller coat two layers of water-based epoxy floor paint with roller. The luster should be gentle. The floor shoud be clean.




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